Satellite Broadband- Fast satellite broadband is exactly that... fast! Offering download speeds 10-20 times faster than dial-up, satellite broadband is an "always on service", separate from your phone line, meaning you can access a greater number of websites and internet features faster and with greater reliability

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Satellite Broadband Internet Services

Why HarbourSat?
Harbour IT is a 100% Australian owned company and, like you, we're based in rural Australia, so we understand the needs of remote Australians.

We understand that because of faulty phone lines or no mobile telephone signal in your area (or for whatever other reason!) its been a struggle for you to get a fast internet service, and that its been a long time coming, but our national installation team will work with you to ensure the fastest installation possible within a mutually agreeable timeframe.

Once installed, our HelpDesk technicians will contact you and introduce you to the service. They will explain the key features of the service and answer your questions. In no time you will be contacting friends and family via email, shopping and banking online or running your business from your home or office

Features / Benefits
It's all about you! - Satellite broadband is "always on". No more waiting for a phone line to be freed up gets you access to your information anytime you want... placing you in control. Connect when you want, to what you want, anytime you want.
Speed - allows the whole family to get access to the information they need 10-20 times faster than dial-up. Downloading music, pictures, emails, movies... everything is faster and smoother saving you time and increasing your productivity.
Cost control - with a wide variety of plans and prices, satellite broadband costs can be controlled by you

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